A Quick Reference Glossary of Terms Frequently used in Masonry


Knowing how frustrating it can be to find terms in a static glossary, I have made this one fully hyperlinked. Just click on a letter in the list above and you will be taken to the page of that letter - there you find a 'table of content' which will give you a quick overview of the content. Clicking on the term you're interested in will bring it up - as simple as that.

Note 1: This Glossary has been created from many sources, mainly on the World Wide Web. I have, to the best of my knowledge and ability, changed, adapted, or translated the source text to reflect the language, usages, constitutions, laws, and regulations of the Grand Masonic Bodies which have jurisdiction here in Pictou County, Nova Scotia, Canada. Should I have overlooked some specific point, please let me know by using the 'Feedback' form.

Note 2: If you are looking for a term that's not in the Glossary and think it should be included, please use the 'Feedback' - 'Suggestion' form to let me know.  
Credit: This Glossary has been adapted from the Glossary on the Phoenix Masonry Site.  


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