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Cobequid Lodge
of Royal Ark Mariners

Moored to Orient Council #5
A.D.E. Tri-Lodges, New Glasgow
and Lion of Judah Council #19
Corinthian Lodge #63, Great Village, N.S.

Instituted May 20, 2003
Warranted March 23, 2005

Meets on the Fourth Wednesday in September
following Orient Council at the ADE Tri-Lodge, New Glasgow
and on the Second Friday in April
following Lion of Judah Council at Tru-Fel Lodge - 143 Pictou Road, Bible Hill


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Officers 2015

Commander Noah: Arnold Hatfield
Japheth: Les Graham
Shem: Parker Morris
Chaplain: James Rudderham
Scribe: Graham Campbell
Director of Ceremonies: Michael Chapman
Sr. Deacon: Jim Mitchell
Jr. Deacon: Randy Hubley
Sr. Steward: Terence Read
Jr. Steward: Harris MacKenzie
Guardian: William MacCulloch
Warder: James Fraser III

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Officers 2008

Commander Noah: Murray Gardner
Japheth: George O'Leary
Shem: Fred Richard
Chaplain: J. Hugh Palmer
Treasurer: Charles MacKinlay
Scribe: Stephen Swan
Director of Ceremonies: Arnold Hatfield
Organist: George Milne
Sr. Deacon: Marc Osmond
Jr. Deacon: Les Graham
Sr. Steward: Richard Muise
Jr. Steward: Parker Morris
Guardian: James Rudderham
Warder: Don Duncan

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Officers 2007

Commander Noah:
Director of Ceremonies:
Sr. Deacon:
Jr. Deacon:
Sr. Steward:
Jr. Steward:

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Past Commanders

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Lodge History

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