Pictou County


We certainly agree with the Pictou County Tourist Association...

Pictou County is proud of its Scottish roots and traditions. Listen for the skirl of the pipes in the distance, haunting Gaelic verse, toe tapping fiddle tunes and uplifting Celtic rock rhythms. Watch for the swirl of the kilt, lilting Highland steps and spectacular Scottish pageantry. But remember our community is also rich in cultural diversity with strong Afro-Canadian, Acadian, English, Irish, German and British cultures, all a part of our beginnings as well as integral to who and what we are today.

  • Was established in 1835
  • Is the 4th most populated Municipality in Nova Scotia with a population over 47,000
  • Includes over 2845 square kilometers of land
  • includes the towns of New Glasgow, Pictou, Stellarton, Trenton and Westville plus several surrounding communities.

Experience our incredible coastline and beaches that boast waters which are the warmest you will find north of the Carolinas. Revel in the serenity and unspoiled beauty of groomed trails and parks, lush farmlands and mountain top views. Relive the stories of our peoples at one of our historic sites and museums. Join in the celebration of our communities at our multitude of festivals, parades and community gatherings. Enjoy unique accommodations and exquisite cuisine. From a romantic getaway to an adventure excursion to magical family fun, Pictou County offers many hidden jewels.

Our County is one of the treasures of the Sunrise Trail, located on Nova Scotia�s beautiful Northumberland shore. It is a coastal community which celebrates the spirit of its people, a rich mosaic of cultures and life by the sea. It is a region blessed with a dramatic sea coast, glorious beaches, tranquil waterways, groomed trails, lush farmlands, rambling hills, peaceful valleys and panoramic views. The county consists of five charming towns and a magnificent rural area. Pictou County is home to New Glasgow, Pictou, Stellarton, Trenton, Westville and the County of Pictou. Each contributes strong traditions to form a region which has much diversity but beats with one heart. The County�s slogan "We�re Working Wonders" celebrates the strong entrepreneurial way of life in Pictou County and a powerful sense of community. Here you will experience a lifestyle which combines a celebration of family, friendship and hospitality with a dynamic business community. Pictou County people are known for a daunting spirit which has risen above tragedy to celebrate the resilience of the human spirit and a strong value of enterprise which has developed one of the most exciting commercial and tourism regions in rural Nova Scotia.

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