Pictou County District Meeting Minutes

Western Star Lodge, A.F.& A.M., No. 50, G.L.N.S.
November 7, 2008

A Special Meeting of Western Star Lodge, A.F.& A.M., No. 50, was held at the Masonic Temple in Westville, on Tuesday, November 7th, 2008 at 5:30 p.m. for the purpose of hosting the Annual Pictou District Meeting.

Officers Present:

W. Master: W.Bro. Frank Gammell
I.P.M.: W. Bro. Alvin Sinclair
Senior Warden: Bro. Parker Morris
Junior Warden: Bro. Gary Hope
Secretary: Rt.W.Bro. William A.Thompson
Senior Deacon: W. Bro. Alvin Sinclair
Junior Deacon: W. Bro. William Stevens
Chaplain: V.W. Bro. Orville Hines
Senior Steward: Bro. Graham Fraser
Junior Steward: Bro. Grant Forbes
Tyler: Bro. Gerry MacRae

Members and Visitors 52

The Worshipful Master opened the lodge in the Third Degree.

The master welcomed all to the meeting and explained that we were opening for the purpose of hosting the Annual Pictou District Masonic Meeting.

The Craft was called from Labour to refreshment at 5:45 pm to attend the Annual District Banquet.


Labour was resumed at 7:30 pm

The District Grand Director of Ceremonies, V.W.Bro. Terry Read, brought in and introduced the Ruling Masters of the Pictou District. Present were:

Albion #5 W.Bro. Ray Tucker
New Caledonia # 11 W.Bro. Bradley MacCullum
Keith # 23 W.Bro. Nick Guthro
Curren # 68 V.W.Bro. Ted Brown
Hudson # 77 W.Bro. Russell Mosher
Doric # 91 W.Bro. William Hughes
Euclid # 92 V.W.Bro. Donald Duncan *

 *Representing W.Bro. Bruce Guthro

The Worshipful Master, Western Star Lodge No. 50, W.Bro. Frank Gammell, welcomed the ruling masters.

The District Grand Director of Ceremonies then brought in and introduced the District Deputy Grand Master, Rt.W.Bro. Robert Meyer, accompanied by several present and past Grand Lodge officers. The DDGM was given Grand Honors at the altar. The W.M welcomed Bro. Meyer and passed the Gavel to him.

The District Grand Director of Ceremonies, then announced Grand Master of Masons in Nova Scotia, M.W.Bro. Roy E. Lively. Bro. Lively entered the Lodge accompanied by several present and past Grand Lodge Officers. The DDGM, Bro. Meyer welcomed the MWGM on the level and handed him the gavel. The M.W.G.M was then presented in the East and received Grand Honors. Bro. Lively returned the gavel to the D.D.G.M. Who thanked him for taking the time to come and share in our District Meeting.

The D.D.G.M., Bro. Meyer welcomed all to the District Meeting.


A beautiful Memorial Service was conducted by the District Grand Chaplain, V.W.Bro. Bruce Fraser. The names of the 22 Brothers who had passed to the Grand Lodge Above during the last year were read and each Ruling Master placed a red flower on the Altar in memory of the Brothers of his Lodge and a moment of silence was observed.

A moment of silence was also observed to honour the memory of the fallen members of the armed forces.


The Roll Call of the Lodges was taken by the secretary with the following recorded:

Pictou District Lodges:

Lodge Present
Albion # 5 3
New Caledonia #11 6
Keith #23 6
Western Star # 50 21
Curren # 68 4
Hudson # 77 3
Doric # 91 6
Euclid # 92 2

 Other Lodges under the Grand Lodge of Nova Scotia were:

Lodge Present
St. John�s # 2 1
Acacia # 8 1
Zetland # 9 1
Athole # 15 1
Solomon # 46 2
Temple # 57 1
Kentville # 58 1
Alexandra # 87 1
Sunrise # 116 4
St. Margaret�s # 118 1
John Albro #122 1
Timberlea # 136 1
Loge La France# 138 3

Visitors from other Lodges:

Lodge Place GL Present
Tuscan # 99,  Newmarket GLCO 1
Connaught # 511 Thunder Bay GLCO 1
Brotherhood # 723 Waterloo GLCO 1


Each Ruling Master gave a report of the activities of his lodge for the past year.

(Copies of the reports are filed with the D.D.G.M.)


Bros. Jean Cole and David Leese, representing the Lansdowne Outdoor Recreational Development Association were presented to the Altar by the D.G.D.C. The Immediate Past D.D.G.M., Rt.W.Bro. Richard Muise presented these two brothers with a cheque in the amount of $2900. This amount was the result of money raised by the District Lodges as the 2007 Masonic Project for last year and the Shared Funds Program of the Masonic Foundation. Bro. Cole and Bro. Leese spoke and gave thanks to all members of the Pictou District.

A collection was taken for the 2008 District Masonic Project in the amount of $173.99

D.D.G.M.'s Address

The D.D.G.M., Bro. Meyer gave a talk on the use of the Internet and its advantages and disadvantages for Freemasonry.


The Grand Master, M.W.Bro. Roy Lively, was invited to preside. He presented the D.D.G.M., Rt.W.Bro. Robert H. Meyer with his certificate of appointment and asked him to present the District Grand Chaplain, V.W.Bro. Bruce E. Fraser and the District Grand Director of Ceremonies, V.W.Bro. Terence S. Read, with theirs.

The Grand Master then addressed the Brethren present and thanked all for the warm reception to himself and the Officers accompanying him.

Closing of Lodge

The Grand Master and those accompanying him retired. He also invited 50 year members to join him.

The District Deputy Grand Master returned the Gavel to the Worshipful Master of Western Star Lodge, and thanked him and the Brethren of Western Star Lodge for all the support and assistance they had given him in the organization of the District Meeting and then retired.

There being no further business, the Worshipful Master proceeded to close the lodge in due form.

Rt.W.Bro. William A. Thompson, Secretary



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