In your Leisure Hours, that you might improve in Masonry...

Dear Brethren and Friends.

Over the years I have collected numerous books, pamphlets, short talks and articles on the topic of Freemasonry. Some I have scanned and converted into various digital formats myself and others I have gathered from the vast resources of the Internet. As I find time, I'm standardizing their format and convert them into the Portable Document Format for your enjoyment and study.

A Word of Caution

The range of publications found here goes from the profound to the lighthearted or outright fictitious and covers as many aspects of our Fraternity as I can lay my hands on. However, please bear in mind that NONE should be considered as speaking for the fraternity or that what is said or written is "binding" upon Masons. Each Mason must think for himself, and each is entitled to write whatever he wishes.

Masonry has no dogma. An official position would deny a man his right to think for himself and his right to follow the dictates of his own faith. Each Mason has a right to seek Masonry for what he wants to find. It is his right to believe as he wishes; BUT is is not his right to force that belief on others.

There are only three documents a Mason must abide by; the Ritual, the Constitution of the Grand Body in whose jurisdiction he lives and the by-laws of his Lodge, Chapter, etc. The Rituals embody the whole of Masonic instruction. The latter two contain the Laws, Rules and Regulations necessary for their government as is necessary for all organizations. Everything else is opinion.

There are quite a number of books in my library. To make it easier for you to find what you might be looking for, I have broken the listing down into categories of interest. Please check back every so often, as I am adding books as I find the time to format them.

  •    General Interest
  •    Craft Masonry
  •    Cryptic Masonry
  •    Capitular Masonry
  •    Chivalric Masonry
  •    Anti Masonry
NOTE: All files are in the PDF format and you will need to have a PDF File-Reader installed on your computer to view them. If you don't have the Reader, you can download a reader for free from FoxIt or Acrobat.

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