Welcome to my Website

These pages have been put together in the hope to provide my brother Masons of Pictou County with information about the Craft in our district as well as the various concordant bodies.

It is a work in progress.

I am using Microsoft Frontpage (2003 Edition SP3) to build the site and have lately discovered that there are some bugs in the program which cause 'invisible' text in the latest versions of some browsers.

Whenever time permits, I check my pages in the three most popular web-browsers: Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox

I have just finished revising the Glossary (29/12/2008 06:26) but if any of you find more pages with apparently missing text, please let me know

Another problem that has been brought to my attention is in the picture galleries, where the page-width is suddenly greater than the screen! I will be looking at this problem later this week.

New Calendar Format

Some Brothers have commented that the Calendar is difficult to read and only one event shows under a given date. When there are two or more events they have to be looked up on the side-bar and are easily missed.

The Calendar (program) I was using was an option to compile my Microsoft Outlook calendar and then incorporate it into the Website. After some experimentation with the Google Calendar option I decided that it offers a more readable display. The detail information for a given event can be called up by simply clicking on it. Hope that this pleases.

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