Administrative Seminar

An Administrative Seminar (Workshop) will be presented at the new Freemasons Hall Auditorium, 165 Coronation Ave., Halifax on Saturday, November 8, 2008 beginning at 9:00 AM and continuing till 4:00 PM +/-.

NOTE: YOU MUST BE REGISTERED TO ATTEND!! We must know if you will be attending not later than October 15th. All we need is simply a letter or an e-mail with the Name, Office in Lodge and Lodge number of each attendee.

Come and see our new facility and participate in this learning experience.

Lunch will be served in the Room and suitable coffee & tea breaks morning and afternoon.

The Agenda:

A Few Words From The Grand Master.
The Prospective Mason, First Contact (Bob Northup)
Membership (Roy Lively)
Nova Scotia Freemasons Bursary Program. (Dan Campbell)
The Investigating Committee (Reno Favretto)
The Ritual (Barry Imber)
Running A Business Meeting (Owen Walton)
Historical Artefacts (Dan Campbell)
Questions & Answers (?)


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